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Being freelance has its challenges.

Being a freelance artist and creator has even more so. I’ve spent a lifetime of doing this, be it in music, photography or writing, and it’s certainly had its challenges along the way, but is also so fulfilling. Even if just to be able to give life to the creations I feel bubbling up from within, which often consume my thoughts, time and space in my heart. I am thankful to be living in an age where there does seem to be more of a rebirth of independent creatives and it’s with platforms such as Patreon and Substack here that this is made even more a reality.

Substack’s aim is to create a community of readers and writers, to help us read more again instead of the scrolling we seem all too drawn to doing. As a user of the app, I have to say it is working! Overnight I am suddenly reading more, being exposed more to all sorts of writers on a vast number of topics and my thirst for reading is being quenched once more. It also encourages thought, discussion and commenting, and I am finding many like-minded individuals, open-minded and curious, which is even more stimulating. As a result I am finding my creativity has increased to no end and it’s helped motivate me to take this skill and passion of mine further and more seriously.

My blog is free-thought, so it really is an open format exploration of many topics in many guises, be it written word, podcasts, audio, photographic, illustrative or musical. Some written pieces are more journalistic in nature, others more literary; some serious in tone and others should offer a good giggle. I aim to inspire, inform and inquire. My work is unashamedly multi-faceted, allowing for max creativity and max exploration! There are some topics which attract me more than others though, so expect to find pieces on music and creativity; relationships and emotional intelligence; travel and languages; and down-to-earth, heart-centered philosophical debate on issues I believe affecting us all in some way.

I’m excited to be discovering this platform and encourage you to have a look around and consider it for yourselves. This is a great place for anyone who wishes to spend less time on social media, less time scrolling; a great place to discover writers and to support creative work which is much needed in this world. As L. Ron Hubbard is quoted to have said: "A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists".

One of the things I really love about Substack is that the platform only makes money if we, the creatives, do and there is no pressure to be a paid-only publication. People can manage their publication as they please: all free; some free, some paid; all paid. Total creative sovereignty.

Thanks again, and please tell a few friends if you feel like it. I am offering my writing for free, but if you feel like supporting my work some more, you can always consider a paid subscription! There’s a suggested monthly amount, but you can offer whatever you can or want, be it more or less than the suggested amount.

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Very grateful for your support and company on this journey.

Until the next time, be well, be happy!

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Musician, Singer, Writer, Coach, Healer - Grateful to be able to learn the art of surrender & live from the heart. I am discovering my abilities as a healer and understanding my purpose here is to create beauty, joy and be of service to the Divine.